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Have you been told (or know) that you are gifted and talented professionally, but your career is stalling because you don’t fit the part?  Or, are you paralyzed figuring out what to wear for every occasion—worried that your image doesn’t project trust and credibility, look too casual or young to get the respect you deserve, or too formal to even be approached?

Spending the time and effort to develop your personal brand and image can mean the difference between delivering the executive presence to get the promotion and creating the perception of success and confidence

As a budding professional, you have created credibility with those in your office who know you well because they’ve seen you in action and know what you deliver.  But as your exposure with clients and the executive team increases, it’s a different story—they seem to view you differently and are not quite ready to trust your experience and knowledge.

Lack of a defined personal brand and fine-tuned image not only hinders your self-confidence but limits the number of opportunities that present themselves in both your career and personal life.  Don’t be passed over because your image is inconsistent with the quality of your skills.  Successful personal branding is about identifying the qualities that differentiate you and project your authentic self—your goals, vision, purpose, and values.

Diana Jennings, of Brand You Image, understands that effective personal branding and image management is not just about outward appearances.  Diana will help you develop your professional and personal style with simple wardrobe choices that allow you to leverage your image and project a consistent personal brand.  Together you’ll develop your communication plan to give you the confidence you need to facilitate trust and credibility amongst your management team, peers and clients.

Credibility and visibility will drive demand for your Personal Brand.  If you’re ready to cultivate your own best talents and create an authenticity that is comfortable, unique and true for you, contact Diana to help develop and create your personal brand.

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