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    When our family travels, we’re on the go seeing the sites. Getting ready for an evening out is usually a short trip back to the hotel room for a quick shower and a change of clothes. My husband and teens don’t have the patience for me to “figure-out” what I want to wear, so I have to be able to pull an outfit together and go. And the same is true for work conferences and trade shows.  There’s usually a limited amount of time to change and get ready for the next event.


    With today’s airline carry-on and luggage restrictions, it can be a challenge to pack for a trip. Here are the 9 tips I live by when traveling.


    1. Choose a color scheme.  Select three colors, a base neutral (black, grey, brown, navy or khaki), and two accent colors.
    2. Look for wrinkle-free fabrics that are easily dressed up or down. Knits and micro-fibers are a great choice.
    3. Pack separates that easily mix & match. As an example, 7 pieces (2-bottoms, 1-jacket, 4-tops) can easily create 21 combinations if the tops are layered to create different looks. Packing scarves and changing the accessories will increase the number of looks you can create.
    4. Shoes can take up a lot of suitcase space, so both dressy and casual styles need to double as comfortable walking shoes. Utilize the space inside your shoes to pack socks and other small items. This will prevent the shoes from getting crushed.
    5. Consider packing older clothing that you were planning to soon retire. This will free up space for souvenirs, when you toss out the old or leave behind for local charities.
    6. Use zip top bags for packing all your toiletries. This will prevent leaking items from spreading onto your clothes.  When checking baggage, I group like things together (hair-care, face, make-up, body products). This helps me keep track of items as we move from place to place.
    7. Carry-on toiletries. Double-check with your airline, but most carriers allow a second quart size bag for medicinal creams and liquids. This would include contact lens solutions. Please note: some international TSA agents (i.e. Naples, Italy) may confiscate toiletries if they are not in the manufacturer’s original packaging.
    8. Fluff and hang clothing as soon as you check into your room. This will allow your garments to breath and any wrinkles to relax.
    9. The more knowledge you have of the activities you’ll be participating in, the easier it will be to plan ahead.

     Packing smart increases your confidence and reduces stress as a traveler. Following these tips allowed me to travel through Italy for three weeks with a 22” carry-on suitcase and a tote bag. I’ll confess…the three-weeks worth of toiletries was distributed to others members in my group.


    To help you pack for your next trip, print out my travel wardrobe planner.

    Packing Travel Planner for Men

    Packing Travel Planner for Women

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