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    At a presentation earlier this month for a group from New York Life, a common question about the color analysis process came up. I often give an overview on color, and when we discuss selecting the best colors to wear, an audience member usually asks for my opinion about seasonal color draping popularized back in the 1980’s by Carole Jackson when her book titled, Color Me Beautiful was published.


    The seasonal color approach is used by consultants who have a basic understanding of color. The process uses either four sets of fabric drapes to represent the four seasons or 12 sets to represent season combinations known as “flow seasons”. The end result gives each person whose colors are analyzed in this manner one of up to 16 color combinations to wear (see chart).In my opinion and that of my colleagues who believe in an advanced customized approach, the seasonal or “prepackaged” method is extremely limiting and does not cater to the uniqueness of each individual.

     My objective is to teach clients about the nuances in color and help train their eyes in what to look for when making a color selection whether it is for clothing, their home’s interior or their on-line identity such as website, Twitter or Facebook background. A consultant who has an in depth knowledge of color and performs a custom analysis will look at all the hues around the color wheel, the lightest to darkest, and the dullest to brightest shades when hand selecting colors for an individual. The color library that the advanced consultant works with can easily have over 3000 colors for him or her to choose from. 

    Here is an example within the violet/purple range that is used to help in creating a customized color fan with potentially up to 130 colors. The end result will give the client the best light, medium and dark shades, and a range of muted and bright colors that span the entire color wheel. You can wear virtually any color you choose. You just need to learn how to wear the right value and intensity of each color to compliment who you are.



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    Diana Jennings
    Diana Jennings is the founder of Brand You Image – a personal branding and image management company based in Southern California. A specialist in non-verbal communication, she brings a sophisticated understanding of people and a passion for growth to those working to reach their personal and professional goals. Typical engagements involve the development of high potential individuals and senior level management in personal brand discovery, image management, social and business behavior, and body language for better communication and interaction with others.

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