• Caring for Your Cashmere Sweaters

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    As I long for the Southern California climate to cool just enough so I can wear my favorite sweaters, I thought you might appreciate a few tips to help you care for yours.

    1.  Put your sweater on only after your deodorant and fragrance has dried. Using a garment shield under the arm will prevent product, perspiration and odors from penetrating the fibers.


    2.  Allow knits to “air” for a few days before wearing again.


    1.  If the label states, “Dry Clean” it may be washed by hand in a freshly cleaned sink or basin. If the label reads, “Dry Clean Only,”  the garment needs to be dry cleaned.


    2.  Fill basin with cold water. With your hand agitate a small amount of a mild detergent or a hair shampoo.


    3.  Place your sweater in the soapy water. Press and squish the water through the garment. Allow the garment to soak for a few minutes and repeat the press and squish.


    4.  Empty the basin and fill with cold water to rinse. Repeat several times to remove all suds. To avoid stretching the garment out of shape, do not lift it from water unless it is carried in a lump supported by both hands.


    5.  Once suds are removed, gently squeeze out as much water as possible. Do not twist or wring.


    6.  Lay the sweater onto a large bath towel and roll it up. I use the heels of my hands to press out the excess water. You may require several towels to remove excess moisture.


    7.  Place the sweater on a drying rack making certain to block it back into its original shape.


    8.  Air-dry away from direct sunlight and heat.



    9. Steam to remove wrinkles



    1.  Always clean sweaters before storing.


    2.  Fold tissue into the sweaters to prevent winkles.



    3.  Store in breathable garment bags/boxes or in cedar lined drawers. Do not hang.


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    Diana Jennings
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jeana » 03. Nov, 2011

I have a few beautiful cashmere sweaters, but unfortunately I did not know how to care for them. You name it, I did it. I wore perfume; I wore jewelry; I stored them on hangers. One of them has small holes on one shoulder; the other has small holes in various locations (five in all). Can they be saved? Do you know of a reweaving service? Is that even an option? I promise to care for them properly from now on!

Thank you.

Diana Jennings » 03. Nov, 2011

Hi Jeana, If you are in Orange County, give the Knitwear Doctor in Costa Mesa a try. 949.650.1025

Jeana » 03. Nov, 2011

Thank you for the suggestion, but I am in Metuchen, New Jersey. Metuchen is in Central New Jersey, Exit 10 off the turnpike. Do you happen to know of a service in New Jersey?

Diana Jennings » 03. Nov, 2011

To find a local resource for reweaving damaged knits check with the owner of a good dry cleaner who does their work in house. You could also check with a fabric or knitting yarn retailer. Good luck!

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