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    Job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and those in transition—all of our clients are looking to create opportunity for themselves, both personally and professionally.  While part of the process may be to develop their self-confidence, our clients have a desire for change and development.

    Our most successful clients have come to appreciate professional help.  They realize they must take responsibility for their success and they recognize that their reputation has real value.  We demonstrate the power that comes with being yourself by providing examples of people just like you who have achieved professional success and fulfillment by living their personal brands.

    Client Results

    Client #1, an account manager for a Fortune 500 company, contacted Diana Jennings 3-weeks before she was going to be recognized at a national sales meeting. Having been passed over for promotions, she had her sight set on climbing the corporate ladder. This client knew that this was her opportunity to shine in front of the top-level executives. She needed to project an image that reflected the exceptional quality of her skills, talent and the corporation’s brand. She didn’t want to leave any doubt in the minds of her superiors that she was serious about her career path within the organization.

    Technically she had all the right clothes. Together they discovered that her wardrobe’s details didn’t flatter her body or project a polished professional presence. Diana created a wardrobe for the four-day meeting that would project a consistent message of professionalism during business and social activities. This client’s new look gave her confidence the boost she needed to pursue the corporate ladder. It wasn’t long before the senior executives started to comment on her “executive presence” and she got the promotion she was seeking.


    Client #2 contacts Diana Jennings saying that she desperately needed help. She is 53, divorced, with a career in sales but lacked confidence in looking good. “I’m paralyzed determining what to wear, hairstyle and makeup. I’ve wasted so much time and money on looking for the right clothes, accessories and make-up – I just won’t do that anymore”, she writes. After a telephone consultation, she was confident that Diana was the right person to help her. After getting organized and cleaning out her closet she wrote, “I’m a little nervous – some things in my life feel “comfortable” but as the saying goes, “You can’t do things the same and expect different results”.

    Diana taught her about style in general and the non-verbal messages one sends based on their clothing selection. Together they discovered her personal style and reviewed why certain garment designs either worked or didn’t work for her figure. They shopped for educational purposes and to build her wardrobe. She received a new hairstyle and learned tips for updating her make-up.

    As a result of working together she told Diana that, “I’m more selective about my shopping and I am not so intimidated”. She also said, “My presentation went great… I couldn’t have done better, or felt more confident. I learned so much from Diana. Thanks for all that you’ve helped me. It’s been money and time well spent”.


    Client #3 was referred to Diana. She was about to launch her new consulting firm. During their initial telephone conversation, this client acknowledged that she needed to address her wardrobe and appearance if she was to be perceived as a successful consultant by her senior executive clients.

    They focused on her target audience and the image she needed to project in order to facilitate trust and credibility. Then it was back to basics, Diana educated her on fabric, quality construction and design elements. They shopped and created a wardrobe that projected the quality of her skills and knowledge. Since she never used cosmetics, Diana gave her ideas of how she could complete her “look” without wearing a lot of make-up. Framing her eyes with a new brow shape along and an update hair cut made a huge difference.

    In an email, she shared the results of their work together. “When I walked into the room to meet the executives and talk about the projects they need help with, I felt I was at their level. This represents a huge difference for me. For years, when meeting with executives I knew I was their peer rather than their subordinate, yet the fact that my clothes didn’t make the grade caused me to feel like a kid at an adult’s party. During yesterday’s meeting it was my party as well, so thank you! I feel like I have grown up in a lot of ways the last few weeks as a result of working with you.”


    Client #4 had attended a conference in 2010 and was literally invisible to the movers and the shakers she wanted to develop relationships with. She knew she needed to improve her image if she was going to make any headway within that organization. It was her marketing manager who suggested that she work with me prior to a series of programs she was planning to deliver to them.  Our work together took place over a three month period and included lessons in:

    • Style
    • How to dress her body’s proportions
    • How to select and wear color
    • How and where to shop
    • Make-up application
    • Presentation skills
    • Vocal image and accent reduction

    Before our multiple shopping trips, I conducted a customized color evaluation, and proportion analysis so she would have tools to reference when shopping on her own.

    During one of our scheduled meetings, I even coached her in responding to the positive and unexpected feedback she received from family, friends and business associates on her transformation.

    As a result, her credibility skyrocketed when her image was consistent with her job title and projected the quality of service her company provides.  It wasn’t long before the movers and shakers were going out of their way to book her for future programs and asking for business advice. With her new found self-confidence, she said that she would never go back to her former unpolished style.

    NOTE: The clients in the above photographs granted permission to have their consulting appointments photographed. These photos represent the Brand You Image process and are not the same clients associated with the following client result stories.

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