• What is Personal Branding?

    Professionals already have a brand. It’s called their reputation and this is how others currently perceive them. The question everyone needs to ask themself is, “Do others perceive me the way I want and need them to?”

    Personal branding, when thoroughly accomplished, helps to establish one’s credibility and increases their visibility. The intent here is to ultimately drive an increase in the demand for the work they provide. It begins with fully understanding one’s self by identifying things like goals and values, and requires feedback from others. Knowing the skills, strengths, and attributes that others believe personify you is the key in the branding process. Without this valuable information one trudges down their career path with one eye patched and one arm tied behind their back.

    It’s also important to learn how to dress in a manner that will non-verbally communicate the qualities you need to project to help you attain your goals.

    The 360REACH Personal Brand Assessment

    The 360REACH Personal Brand Assessment gives us a baseline for your current brand reputation. It validates your self-perception, identifies areas of strength so we can develop a game plan to build on attributes that are good and turn them into attributes that are even stronger. Clients learn how to maintain a level of consistency in those areas, build on their credibility and increase their visibility.

    Oftentimes clients will have a spotlight shined on a leadership quality or skill, one that they possibly avoided due to a lack of confidence. Knowing that others believe in them will usually give their confidence the nudge to step out of their comfort zone to further develop the skill.

    The feedback also reveals the message your image is communicating. This allows Diana to help you with your overall appearance and non-verbal communication strategy.

    Testimonials for personal branding

    “Diana Jennings is the leader when it comes to Personal Branding and friendly Coaching. While others may try to form people into an image that they are not, Diana gets at the heart of the issue and helps people present the image of who they are meant to be. As a coach she does just that, she coaches people to make decisions for themselves of who they are meant to be and how to communicate with the world most clearly their direction and what they are trying to accomplish. She helps people to find their core mission in life and then challenges them live it out to the full. Diana leaves nothing to chance; she helps people discover questions of individual purpose but also challenges them to come up with a pragmatic plan on how to achieve the core message of their life.”

    Mike M.

    “Diana Jennings is a skilled strategist and a gifted coach who brings clarity and focus to her clients seeking to cultivate their own best talents.  She blends sharp analysis, pragmatic skills, and thoughtful delivery of results to help mine the gold that is in each of us. Her intent to help others realize their greatest potential is genuine and honest, and her laser focus on her clients’ needs is refreshing.

    What could take years to discover independently, Diana uncovers in a matter of months–all the while making the process interesting, exciting and seamless. While many image consultants advise on and strengthen the external image, Diana’s rich insights draw out and strengthen the internal qualities as well as creating an authenticity that is comfortable, unique and true for each one of us…”

    Christina D.

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