• Three Programs for Updating Your Image

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    Brand You Image offers three new one-hour programs to demystify several areas that affect a woman’s overall appearance and image; the Undergarments, Accessories and her Eyes.


    These short sessions will provide you with customized information for you to affordably update your image.


    Shaping the Foundation

    Our image is much deeper than visual appearance, but in order for us to look our best in our wardrobe, we need to pay attention to what’s beneath the cloth we drape over our bodies. We know our home, our relationships, and our business require a good foundation if we want them to flourish. So why wouldn’t our appearance require a good foundation too?

    The undergarments we wear not only significantly alter the fit of our clothing, but will also affect our posture and confidence.

    During your appointment we will:

    1.    Analyze your body shape and identify areas for balancing your proportions.

    2.    Identify your correct bust size (note: bra size may vary by manufacturer)

    3.    Discuss the best undergarment construction to give you the support and shape you desire.



    Accessories 101

    Accessories are like, “the icing on the cake”.  We select them to enhance and complete our look or to make a fashion statement. Unfortunately, what often happens is the styles of both accessories and clothing don’t compliment one another as well as they could. 

    By understanding Your Style Quotient you will easily identify which accessories work best with each outfit.

    During your appointment we will:

    1.    Define Your Style Quotient

    2.    Compare and contrast the difference in accessory styles

    3.    Uncover the best size, shape and length of necklace, earrings and bracelets for you.



    The Eyes Have It

    Whether or not others look into our eyes to see our soul, they do look at and around our eyes when interacting with us.  Paying attention to the framing and definition of your eyes (be it natural or dramatic) will have a significant impact on your appearance and the overall impression you make on others.

    Discover what it takes to make your eyes pop.


    During your appointment we will:

    1.    Discuss a brow shape to frame your eyes

    2.    Review make-up techniques to define your eyes

    3.    Discuss the best eyewear for your face shape and personality

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    Diana Jennings
    Diana Jennings is the founder of Brand You Image – a personal branding and image management company based in Southern California. A specialist in non-verbal communication, she brings a sophisticated understanding of people and a passion for growth to those working to reach their personal and professional goals. Typical engagements involve the development of high potential individuals and senior level management in personal brand discovery, image management, social and business behavior, and body language for better communication and interaction with others.

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