• At Brand You Image, I have worked with a number of clients who live out of state. With these clients, we’ve previously met face-to-face to perform the visual component of the program and then we work remotely to finish the program. Recently I’ve been asked about delivering the entire Image 101 program virtually. And while there is certainly a large visual component to the program, I’m simply using alternative interactive tools to ensure personalized service with maximum contact and communication.

    With the Image 101 Virtual Program, clients emerge with:

    1. An understanding of the styles which are most flattering for their body.
    2. A style collection based on the individual’s body type, professional requirements and personal lifestyle.
    3. An appreciation for the colors which are most suitable for their hair and skin tones.
    4. Suggestions for the most flattering hair styles and cosmetics based on hair color, type and skin tone.
    5. Most importantly, clients emerge with a much clearer sense of self-confidence as they know they are now equipped with the information to make better style choices based on their physicality and personal and professional lifestyles.

    In addition to teleconferencing, I also use several on-line and off-line tools to collect and provide feedback throughout the consultation process.

    The initial steps in the Image 101 Virtual Program are listed below:

    1. Initial Telephone Consultation
    2. Image 101 On-line Profile Survey
    3. Image 101 Inventory Process
    4. Image 101 Webinar
    5. Image 101 Client Activities
    6. Image 101 Collection Webinar

    Image 101 is a first step in building a Personal Brand. Additional opportunities for further personal development are also available:

    1. 360Reach Personal Branding—Understanding Your Personal Brand
    2. On-line Identity Audit
    3. Wardrobe Inventorying

    Client Testimonial

    “Diana Jennings is an expert in her field of experience as an image consultant. She personally assisted me in developing my own image as an attorney. I learned my own professional style and developed a simple plan to effectively build my image. Diana is very efficient in working within her client’s budget requirements and will put together your own personal plan on time and within your budget. Thanks Diana. I look forward to working with you again.”

    Christine W.

    “On a personal note to you, when I first saw our CEO after her transformation, I literally did a double take. I simply did not recognize her at first. Her professional look is outstanding. Her confidence level boosted and as a result her stage presence was amazing.

    Thank you for setting a standard that will help me to help catapult her to far greater things in the near future.”

    Scott R.

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